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    Who is she

    MONICA C. GUIDRY has always been passionate about the comeback stories. Through her own tragedy to triumph roots, she motivates listeners to use those stories to find passion and purpose while going after the life they were always meant to live.  Monica now offers consulting services to those interested in writing devotionals as well as coaching for individuals ready to Go after the life they were always meant to live! She believes "a WHOLE HeART is a Joy-FULL heart"

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    I AM

    JUNE 10TH 2020

    MONICA C. GUIDRY is extremely proud and excited to share her latest work, I AM Hope-FILLED, which is a guided affirmation journal to help jump start you to living the life you were always meant to live. A life FULL of hope, joy, passion and purpose

    I believe a whole heart is a Joy-FULL heart

    Monica C. Guidry

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